The Social Cupcake

We are Port Credit's premier peanut and tree nut free bakeshop.

Special order Pricing

All cakes need to be ordered 7-10 days, prior to your special event.

Please call at least the day before, to order the following:

Gluten-Free Vegan regular size cupcakes: $3.50 (regular size only)

Loaves: $6.50 each

Undecorated Sugar Cookies: $2.00 each  (Decorated start at $2.25 each)

Tarts: $3.00 each

Cake Parfaits: $4.00 each

Nut-Free Macaron: $2.00 each

Meringues: $4.75 per bag

Mini cakes: $9.00 each

Gourmet jams from Kitten & the Bear: $12.95 per 260ml jar