The Social Bakeshop

We are Port Credit's premier peanut and tree nut free & Keto Bakeshop.

Ketogenic Baked Goods

We have now added a nut-free Keto lineup to our delicious selection of sweets!

Whether you're wanting Ketogenic desserts for weight control, diabetic management, or simply cutting sugar, we have a selection for you.  Keto also benefits people with high cholesterol and help control appetite by reducing cravings.


Cupcakes: $4.25 each

Brownies: $4.25 each

Nanaimo Bars: $4.25 each

Cake Donuts: $4.25 each

Mini Cheesecakes: $4.25 each

       *Mix & match the above  6 for $22

Chocolate Chip Cookies: $10 for six cookies

Iced Tea by Phat $5.99